To enquire about prices and availability, send me a message on my Business WhatsApp on the number below and I will respond to any questions you have. 


To make an appointment, just contact me, again preferably through my Business WhatsApp on the number below. We can schedule a free consultation, where you can ask me any questions, meet me over video call, get a sense of what I am like, and it will also give me a sense of whether I can help you or not.  After we meet, I will encourage you to take some time to think before committing to make an appointment, and I will not contact you unless you contact me. 


If you decide to give the sessions a try, you do not have to commit to any number of sessions. Try session one, see how you feel after it and, if you feel safe to continue and like you benefitted from session one, then book appointment two, and so on. 


The videocall platform I use is Microsoft Teams. You do not need to have an account with them or download anything. Once we make an appointment, I will send you a link and you just click on that on the date and time of the appointment.



WhatsApp: 0873977828